Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution

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Epic Drivers
Version: 750
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The Carrier Infinity/Bryant Evolution Driver for Control4 integrates your Control4 system (OS 3+) with Carrier Infinity & Bryant Evolution systems that are connected to the Carrier Infinity/Bryant Evolution Cloud via wifi thermostats. The capabilities available for controlling the zone/thermostat from the Control4 Navigators match with what is possible from the Carrier/Bryant Home apps or directly on the thermostat/wall unit itself.

The UI allows for control of:

  • The HVAC mode of the zone/thermostat: Off, Heat, Cool, Auto, Fan Only
  • The fan mode of the zone/thermostat: Auto, High, Medium, Low
  • The setpoint of the zone/thermostat, including heat and cool individual setpoints when inAuto
  • The current preset (or 'Manual' mode if setpoints are manually set) of the zone/thermostat: Away, Home, Sleep, Wake
  • The current hold mode of the zone/thermostat: Off, Hold Until, Permanent
  • The schedule of presets for each day of the week

The UI also provides feedback for:

  • The current temperature reported by the thermostat
  • The current state of the thermostat (off, heating or cooling)
  • The humidity reported by the thermostat
  • The outside temperature and humidity reported through the themrostat as determined by Carrier by the customer's address/zip code

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David Flemm
David Flemm
Better than the OEM app!
After 3 years of having our Carrier Infinity heat pump systems installed, we can finally control the units from the ...
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  • 750
    • Fixes thermostat schedule/events race condition where events were being added before presets of events existed in proxy
  • 745
    • Improved messaging in 'Driver Status' window to guide dealers during intial setup
    • Improved tracking of adding missing zones via 'Add/Sync Zones'
    • Fix for zones not fully being acquired after a location was set in preparation to add/sync zones
    • Carrier Ion compatibility
    • Added support for heat pump data from API for a zone. NOTE: Control4 does not present heat pump specific controls or information. Heat pumps are presented as a normal zone.
    • Fixed bug on preset syncing that caused stack overflow errors
    • Fixed bug that prevented thermostat zone syncing if unit's config did not have a temperature scale specified; zone's scale will fallback to project's scale
  • 740
    • Accounts for changes in OpenAPI architecture changing to pub/sub communication of wall units to OpenAPI cloud
    • Faster inital feedback for manual changes made in navigators
    • Fix for polling frequency change not consistently being set upon updating
  • 730
    • Bryant Evolution compatibility
    • More robust system-zone relationship extraction from OpenAPI for intial setup
    • Better infinite/permanent hold support
    • Clearer documentation for initial setup
  • 722
    • Initial Release