Aprilaire 8800/8870 Extended

MSRP: $180.00
Domosapiens Inc.
Version: 1100
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The Aprilaire 8800 and legacy 8870 thermostat systems provide comprehensive HVAC control. In addition, they can be connected to a wide network of remote temperature and humidity sensors.

Driver Features

  • Supports up to 64 Aprilaire 8800 and/or 8870 thermostats connected to Aprilaire 8811 protocol adapter(s), with or without 8819 and/or 8818 distribution panels.

  • Supports the new thermostatV2 features available with OS 2.7 or later, including Humidity, Humidifier functions, Presets and Schedule.
  • Ability to fully support a mix of 8800 and 8870 thermostats on the same serial port.

  • Supports all 8081 and 8082 Aprilaire remote sensor modules as well as onboard temperature and humidity sensors, including remote temperature sensors connected to 8800 thermostats.

  • Supports all 8061 and 8062 Aprilaire remote sensor modules connected to 8870 thermostats.

  • Can display the temperature of any thermostat or remote sensor on the Navigator interface for any room in the project.

  • Supports schedules, hold modes and vacation mode for 8800 thermostats.

  • Regularly broadcasts time and date to all thermostats.

  • Captures and broadcasts Outdoor temperature to 8800 thermostats.

  • Optionally monitors and forces FAN ON for 8870 thermostats (this thermostat setting is often lost during power outages).

  • Provides reporting of relative humidity though variables available in programming and simulated rH display in some circumstances.

  • Provides a comprehensive set of thermostat commands available in programming.

  • Provides programming commands and variables to manage the 8800 and 8870 as humidistats.

  • Includes the Domosapiens Inter-Devices Facility (DIDF) to allow other drivers to monitor and control individual thermostats through this driver (see detailed section in the documentation)

Additional Improvements over the Aprilaire Legacy Serial Drivers

  • A single set of drivers to support both 8800 and 8870 systems (although there are two versions of the thermostat driver itself).

  • A DriverWorks-based driver set for the 8870 thermostats, allowing for future adaptation and support if required.

  • Enhanced thermostat support, including presets and scheduling, through new thermostatV2 companion drivers compatible with OS 2.7 or later.  The previous drivers remain available for pre-2.7 systems.
  • Ability to broadcast a thermostat's presets and/or schedule to all other thermostats.
  • Automatic detection of the installation’s scale (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and adjustment of the Navigator interface accordingly.

  • Advanced functions to ensure integrity of the project Aprilaire thermostat and modules configuration.

  • An action to print the topology of the Aprilaire network as defined in the project.

  • Support for Emergency Heat mode in programming.

  • A property (Control Scope) to identify thermostats via a message display.

  • 8800 programmable mode (schedules) may be enabled or disabled by the user through the Navigator interface or from the thermostat install menu.

  • New programming variables available to report current thermostat (8800) or remote sensor (8062 or 8082) humidity levels.

  • Ability to send any Aprilaire command to the thermostat from the thermostat driver itself.

  • Ability to display and clear permanent or temporary messages on any or all thermostats.

  • Action (“Print Status Report”) with significant operational information to simplify reporting of issues.

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7.0.0      Initial version available from Extra Vegetables (May 2014)

7.1.0      Migration to the new .c4z format and to the HouseLogix marketplace/support desk (December 2014)

7.2.0      Support for the new thermostatV2 proxy when running on OS 2.7 or later.   Three new V2 companion drivers added and minor issues fixed. 

10.0.0    Migrated to driverCentral (July 2017)

10.1.0    Added support for 8083 Flush-mount sensors (8800 systems only) (November 2017)

10.1.1    Minor issue fixed with Remote Sensor Module (February 2018)

10.2.0    Improved resilience to Cloud Driver updates, optional simplified Preset structure for 8800 thermostats (January 2019)

10.2.1    Fixed Cloud Status error for 9600 baud Interface driver

11.0.0    Infrastructure update and all documentation now included in driver (May 3, 2019)