Dahua Pro Camera and NVR Driver

MSRP: $149.00
Cinegration LLC
Version: 1014
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NVR and Camera Driver for Control4!

Driver Features:

  • Connect to any camera connected to Dahua NVR in Control4!
  • Allows NVR Icon on Watch Menu, and Connection paths for HDMI and VGA into a Control4 video system
  • Event Connection for Triggers FROM NVR (using either, connection binding or Composer Event)
  • NUMBER buttons select that channel (example: Button 6 = Camera 6 on the TV)
  • Setup RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE buttons to trigger different views on TV
  • Uses Control4’s cable Proxy
  • Connection paths for camera proxy interface 
  • Supports DriverCentral Auto-Update

 Using this driver allows a Control4 dealer to add a ‘nvr’ icon in the watch menu.  This will enable the dealer to use the Monitor-Out/HDMI/VGA connector to integrate into Customers Control4.  This driver also supports ‘linking’ to the camera interface in Control4 via the Dahua NVR Camera Driver.    



  • Can I control the NVR from this driver?  You can select camera grid, individual cameras only.  You CAN NOT browse the search or enter the menu.  The current Dahua firmware does not support this.
  • I have cameras on the NVR (seperate LAN), can this driver be used to see the cameras on my Control4?  Yes! This driver uses the video gateway on the NVR to display any camera connected to the NVR!
  • Can I connect directly to Dahua IP cameras?  Yes, on the camera drivers choose the option to do so
  • Having trouble connecting to the camera? Make sure your password does not contain the @ symbol.
  • Where do I get support?  From DriverCentral: https://help.drivercentral.io
  • Can I try out this driver? Yes, all Cinegration drivers include an automatic 7 day trial that is activated automatically when the driver is first installed
  • I have a showroom, can I get a free copy?  Yes.  All Cinegration drivers are compatible with the DriverCentral Showroom Project


Works well to control Lorex NVR and Lorex and Flir cameras. Motion detection works well. Would be nice if it could provide NVR menu control and have motion sensor contacts on the cameras, but that can all be done in programming.
  • 1013
    • Fixed issue on NVR driver where channel up/down commands were getting sent twice
    • Updated core framework code to latest packages
    • Added new debug system
  •  1009
    • Added support to change the channel number even when connecting directly to the camera.  Some cameras have multiple channels they can communicate to.  This update allows dealer to create a separate camera per channel (PSDW5631SP)
  •  1008
    • Added CinDev Email+ Agent into Camera driver (supporting sending an email with snapshot into each camera driver) 
  •  1007
    •  Digest Camera improvement
  •  1005
    • Fixed issue with 2.9.1 systems not working
  •  1004
    • Fixed issue where H264 stream was linked to MJPEG stream
    • Updated for better Event notications
    • Improved Digest HTTP
  •  1003
    • Update for Transport control
    • Update for better sync'ing of NVR data + camera drivers
    • Code improvements
  • 1000
    • Inital Release