Soma Smart Shades

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Version: 20230728
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SOMA Smart Shades turns the existing shades in your home into smart shades with no screws and no additional wiring. These Bluetooth based controllers are battery operated, can be either USB charged or solar panel charged and provide you with the ability to move your shades up, down, stop or to a specific level. It is compatible with chain based shading solutions and also tilt (rod) based solutions. As such it can be easily retrofit into existing homes at an extremely affordable price.


  • Bi-directional control and feedback via local API
  • Import of all soma shades (including tilt)
  • Up / Down / Stop / Level based commands
  • Position feedback
  • Battery level feedback


Can you give us some usage examples?

  • Automate existing shades in the home without additional wiring at an extremely affordable price!

  • Program shades to open on sunrise and close on sunset

  • Program shades to close when you arm the home

  • Program shades to close when the forecast for the day is above a certain temperature and it is sunny

  • Program shades to close when you start up your movie

Where can i purchase these devices from?

Soma is available for international purchase from their website

Alternatively if you are in Australia you can purchase it from our friends at OzSmartThings

How long does it take to charge via USB?

The full charge takes up to 10 hours and the battery will last up to 25 days on a single charge, depending on the number of triggers and manipulations with the device.

What about charging via solar panel?

Solar panel is expected to be connected to the device constantly and it does not charge the device fully to 100%.

Installation instructions

  • Plug in the charging cables audio jack, see detailed instructions here

  • The protective film needs to be removed from the solar panel

  • The panel has to be attached to the window glass facing outdoors

  • The panel does not work or has limited effectiveness with the following types of windows

    • Frosted glass windows

    • Windows with spectrally selective glazing

    • Windows with tinted, coated or reflective glasses

    • Triple pane windows

  • Make sure that the solar panel is fully open to the sunlight and that it is not covered even partly by physical items or that it is not partly covered by shadow (for example shadows might be caused by nearby buildings or trees)

    • Check the Charging Level. In the Smart Shades app > Device Settings > Troubleshooting > Charging Level. The Charging Level changes according to the light entering the panel. Move the panel to find the best position for it

  • The panel may have limited effectiveness if attached to the windows facing north

  • The panel may have limited effectiveness during certain seasons in certain geographical locations

    • Use USB charger during these periods

How do we know when the battery level is low?

The battery level can be checked via the Soma Smart Shades app. The driver also pulls in the battery level information as a variable. As such you can program against the battery level. We highly recommend you add a push notification to advise the home owner when the battery level is low.

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Version 20230728

  • Fixed issue effecting battery level feedback on USB Bridge devices

Version 20230726

  • Added support for USB Bridge

Version #20221220 - 20-DEC-2022

  • Upgrade to new Diagnostics system with Submit Diagnostics, and automatic troubleshooting

Version 20211110 - 10 November 2021

  • Improved Debugging

Version #20211004 - 04 October 2021

  • Improve Debugging
  • Fix LUA Error which occurs intermittently before devices are imported

Version #20210811 - 10 August 2021

  • Fixed Up / Down / Level commands inverted

Version #20210802 - 2 August 2021

  • Initial Release