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Version: 20240513
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Supporting almost all video and audio formats, codecs and file containers, including all modern video standards such as HDMI 2.0, Ultra HD 4K, HDR, 3D subtitles and HEVC video codec with one billion colors (10-Bit color encoding), the Zappiti 4K HDR media player range sets an entirely new standard. The top class Zappiti Duo 4K HDR is equipped with an internal 3.5" SATA HDD bay with hot swap function for huge total capacity (up to 32 TB) and offers powerful Wi-Fi 5G and Ethernet gigabit network capability. The Zappiti 4K HDR media players are compatible with most audio and video formats such as UHD ISO, BD ISO, M2TS, MKV 4K, MVC 3D with 3D subtitles, BD and UHD menus support, home theater audio (including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X) and high-resolution lossless audio files. This new player range is also compatible with Zappiti Video for the best possible home theater experience.

A premium product deserves an excellent interface to match as such the Chowmain Zappiti driver for Control4 offers full library access on all Control4 user interfaces including the Control T3 touchscreen and Neeo remote control.

Put the finishing touch on your customer's Zappiti system using our driver for Control4.


  • Transport Controls
  • Library Integration
    • Ability to browse movies, tv shows and more on navigator. View movie information including synopsis, MPAA rating, genres, cast director and more
    • Grid view and List view
    • Favoriting of movies
    • Ability to programatically start a movie via composer programming.
  • T3 Touchscreen support
  • Neeo remote support
  • Detection of when media playback starts and stops with feedback. This means you can turn on / off your AV system by starting a movie from the Zappiti iOS or Android application.


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?

  • Use your Control4 touchscreen, Onscreen, mobile or remote control user interfaces to browse movies and tv shows directly from the Control4 user interface.
  • Create the perfect cinema experience by dimming the lights down when a movie starts and ramp it back up when the movie ends.
  • Control4 OS3’s favoriting functionality means you can playback your favorite movies with ease.

What hardware will this work on?

This driver will work on all model with Zappiti Video version 4.23.251 and above.

Note this driver will not work with R_volution. They are not the same product and do not share the same API.

I am having trouble browsing the library

Zappiti had some firmware issues effecting firmwares installed between Q3 2022 and Q2 2023.  This has now been resolved.  You will need to uninstall Zappiti Video via Zappiti Service (in the apps section) and re-install it again for the updated firmware to be installed.

Do you offer showroom discounts?
We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.  Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go.  No registration required.

Do you offer other drivers?

We have hundreds of drivers.  Many of which are manufacturer sponsored and free.  Please visit our website to view all available drivers including FREE drivers.

Version #20240513 - 13-MAY-2024

  • Control4 OS 3.4.2 introduced new security measures which causes problems with the way we obtain artwork. As such artwork is no longer supported in Control4 OS 3.4.2. If artwork is required do not upgrade.

Version #20230329 - 03-MAR-2023

  • Adjusted Zappiti CDN url path for movie artwork and tv episode artwork. Collections and other urls endpoints remain the same..

Version #20221215 - 15-DEC-2022

  • Upgrade to new Diagnostics system with Submit Diagnostics, and automatic troubleshooting

Version #20211215 - 15-DEC-2021

  • Added support for new Zappiti Signature, Reference and Neo players
    • These players now can power on/off the unit via IP
    • Fixed issue where the driver requires you to send a stop command for these new players before initiating playback of new movie
    • Fixed issue where the new players required a new command to launch Zappiti Video.

Version #20211110 - 10-NOV-2021

  • Improve Debugging

Version #20211005 – 05-OCT-2021

  • Improve Debugging

Version #20210318 – 18-MAR-2021

  • Added ability to change power off modes

Version #20210119 - 19-JAN-2021

  • Updated to new Driver Central licensing

Version #20200714 - 14-JUL-2020

  • Fixed issue effecting Guide button mapping

Version #20200424 - 24-APR-2020

  • Grid View
  • Cover art support in Grid View and List View
  • Added Favoriting support (only in grid view)
  • Added ability to programatically select movie through composer programming
  • Changed Red, Green, Yellow and Blue commands to be programmable.
  • Removed Zappiti logo from missing artwork
  • Added 'Auto Room Select' functionality. This will allow end user to utilise Zappiti app to select media and have the driver automatically turn the room on upon detection of playback.
  • Added 'Room Off After Seconds' functionality. This will allow end user to utilise Zappiti app to select media and have the driver automatically turn the room off x seconds after the state changes from playing to stopped.
  • Fixed Page Up & Page Down (Zappiti API is incorrect)
  • Added Home command (its an undocumented API call) as mappable button
  • Changed driver to send BACK command and HOME command on OFF. This will resolve issues where it may be in menus which have music playing in the background.

Version #20200416 - 16-APR-2020

  • Removed UTF8FIX from meta data. Should resolve some formatting problems.

Version #20200407 – 07-APR-2020

  • Initial Release