Tascam MX-8A (Plug&Play)

MSRP: $225.00
Version: 100
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The Tascam MX-8A is an affordable and readily available 8x8 commercial zone DSP mixer. It feature 8 mic/line input and 8 fully managed zone output through an easy to install 1U unit. It's the perfect solution for hotel lobby or restaurant or any commercial project where automation and audio distribution is needed.

This driver is meant to be as easy as possible to set up, it require NO SETTING to be done as prerequiste on the Tascam Mixer, just add the driver in your project and choose from Serial or IP connection and you're done, it can now be used as a standard Control4 audio matrix with all the benefits of a true commercial mixer.

You can still use all the advanced feature this mixer has to offer if you want to, most of them are available right into the driver or you can always use the Tascam MX Connect app that work on ANY plaform form PC, Mac and mobile to gain access to all the features while keeping control from your Control4 system.

This driver can work alongide the Tascam EZ app to allow the end user to use the ultra-simple and reliable interface Tascam has to offer while having C4 performing the automation tasks in the background.


Driver features:

- Plug & Play installation, no need to set anything on the Tascam Mixer, just add the driver and it'll work.

- Bidirectionnal communication with realtime feedbacks

- Work with RS-232 or IP

- Use the Tascam Mixer just as a normal Control4 audio matrix

Documentation (Tascam_MX-8A_Documentation.pdf, 143 Kb) [Download]