Source Pooling

Powerful sharing of audio/video sources
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Domosapiens Inc.
Version: 1010
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Easily allocate the 'next available source' from a pool of Watch or Listen sources

A powerful allocation scheme allows for exceptions and customization

Several pools are possible in a Project

This driver offers a way to share a limited pool of sources among a larger number of rooms.  You no longer need to design complex allocation schemes and the user no longer needs to wonder if a given source (a cable or satellite box, for example, or even an Apple TV or a Roku stick) is available.  

Instead of selecting a specific source under Watch or Listen, the user simply presses the new Experience Button (call it the ‘Pool Request’ button) available with this driver, thus asking the driver to determine the next available source from the pool and to activate it in the requesting room.  You would typically make this new button available under ‘Watch’ or ‘Listen’ in Participating Rooms.  You may install several instances of this driver in your Project, thus creating several Source Pools. 

While sources are normally assigned in their specification order (‘A’, then ‘B’, then ‘C’, etc.), the driver allows for exceptions in specific rooms, which makes this process very flexible and customizable.  If the user in a given room requests a pooled source (by pressing this driver’s Experience Button) and all the sources are currently being used, the Button will provide feedback (Red) meaning that no sources are available.  The available feedbacks are: 

  • Green: an available source has been assigned and activated 
  • Red: no sources are currently available (as per the default sequence or this room’s Sequence Exception) 
  • Orange: a source has been assigned, but it is not accessible in the given room (check your Sequence Exception for that room or specify one) 
  • White: no source changes are being made (the room is already on a non-shared pool source – see the Property ‘Effect of Multiple Selects’) 

Please note that there is no feedback on List Navigator interfaces (such as SR remotes).  Also, with some of the Control4 User Interfaces (Touch Screen, Remotes), it may be necessary to Cancel or go back to the previous screen to access specific device controls. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This driver is not compatible with Video or Audio Media (Channels/Stations).  If you wish to still use such Channels/Stations, they would typically connect a specific source to the room’s video or audio device.  This driver would see this and avoid using the source as it would now be unavailable.  A user whose source was just ‘stolen’ by another room can simply press the Pool Request experience button to get the next available source (as the current source is now shared).

Driver Documentation (Source_Pooling_Driver_Documentation.pdf, 179 Kb) [Download]

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The documentation (PDF) may be downloaded separately - see the Downloads tab.

10.0.0  Initial release (Feb 13, 2022)

10.1.0  Added variables and events; Sonos now a selectable source (Feb. 12, 2024)