Seura TV (Shade Series)

Cinegration LLC
Version: 1003


Connect Seura Shade series TV's to a Control4 system via IP!


For TV Information visit:


  • IP Control of Shade Series TV's

  • Discrete Volume, Input and Channel Control
  • DriverCentral Driver Management Portal support

  • Manufacture Sponsored (Free Driver!)


Note: The Seura 75" Shade is IR only

Driver Download (, 453 Kb) [Download]

Compatible Control4 Systems:  2.9.1
Compatible Hardware: Seura Shade TV's (55", 65", 75")
Control Platform: TCP/IP
Developed by: Cinegration Development  LLC.

Initial Setup/Installation of Driver


TV Installation

  • Setup TV according to TV documentation.

  • Configure network connection (recommend DHCP reservation for address)

  • Turn ON Quick Start

Setup in Driver

  • Add driver to project

  • Enter IP Address under Network Tab

  • Set AV Connections

  • Refresh Navigators

Notes/Known Issues

  • If the Shade TV gets unplugged, when plugged back in, the network interface WILL NOT work until the TV is powered on via IR.  Once the TV is on, the network interface will work and power TV on/off.  Note: to help installers, Driver will send both IR ON AND IP ON when ON is requested.  Dealers are recommended to install an IR and IP connection to the TV for optimal results.
  • Setting discrete inputs via IR is not supported on Shade API
  • TV has an auto power off feature for inputs that do not have anything connected.  Please keep this in mind when setting up systems where the TV MUST have an active source, or the TV will automatically turn off after a few minutes
  • 1003 (11/2019)
    • Initial Release