Seura TV (Shade Series)

Version: 1010


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OS 2.9 OS 2.10 OS 3 


Connect Seura Shade series TV's to a Control4 system via IP!

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  • IP Control of Shade V1 and V2 Series TV's

  • Discrete Volume, Input and Channel Control

  • DriverCentral Driver Management Portal support


Compatible Hardware





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 Compatible Control4 Systems
This driver is compatible with Control4 2.9.1 or higher.

Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

Shade Series 1 Driver Download (, 1,553 Kb) [Download]

Shade Series 2 Driver Download (, 1,738 Kb) [Download]

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Installers Guide

Access the full installers guide that includes driver setup instructions as well as driver feature details here:





Warranty and Disclaimer
For a full description of terms and conditions pertaining to Cinegration Development's drivers please visit

  • 1010 (Shade Series 2)
    • IP messages from TV were not being decoded properly
    • General Updates/Improvements
  • 1009 (Shade Series 2)
    • Updated to support LuaJIT
    • Updated submodules
    • Updated documenation
  • 1006 (Shade Series 1)
    • Fixed issue where IR command was not being send with the IP on command for backup purposes.
  • 1008 (Shade Series 2)
    • Separate files created for each model.
  • 1007 (Shade Series 2)
    • Added RS232
    • Improved Volume ramping
    • Improved IP communication
  • 1006 (Shade Series 2)
    • Updated IR codes to use 2 for repeat count
    • Now support number pad for channel changing on IP
  • 1005 (Shade Series 2)
    • Fixed issue where using IR input on back of TV would not change inputs on the first attempt
    • Fixed issue where driver would not work properly on 2.9.1 projects
  • 1004 (Shade Series 2)
    • New driver created for SHD2 TV's
    • Uses SDDP with Full two-way IP control
  • 1003 (Shade Series 2)
    • Initial Release (Final version of Shade V1 Series Driver)
  • 1004 (Shade Series 2)
    • V2 Series TV
    • Supports Power, Input, Channel control via IP or IR