Mark Levinson No. 523/526

Cinegration LLC
Version: 1000

RS232 Control of the Mark Levinson Preamplifier


  • Two-way communication
  • Volume FeedbackPower and Source Selection



When do I need this driver?  This driver is used when integrating a Mark Levinson No 523 or 526 into Control4

What can I do with this driver?  The driver creates a receiver for integration with Control4.  Volume, Source Selection, Mute and standard Receiver control is supported

How is this driver controlled?  This driver uses RS232 (115200, 8, none, 1, none)

Do I need the DriverCentral cloud driver to use?  No, because this is a manufacture sponsered driver, the cloud driver is not required for use in a project.



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Mark Levinson No. 523 or No. 526

Connects via RS232 the beautiful No. 523/526 Preamplifier. Driver creates a receiver connection for dealer to integrate.
Installer Tips
· Once you make your connections, be sure to Setup Communications
· We have added a ‘hide-all’ feature to automatically hide the driver in ALL rooms so you do not need to go to each room in Control4 and hide the receiver

1) Install all driver c4z files in your Control4 drivers’ folder.
2) Add driver into project by searching for Mark Levinson and choosing the No. 526 driver. The 523 and 526 use the same API
3) Make connections
4) Click on Driver Actions: Setup Communication
DriverCentral (for auto update)
Step-by-step tutorial available at

1) Create your project in the project portal. This will generate your project token.
2) Download and load the cloud driver into your project, you only need one per a project.
3) Use your project token that you have from step one and input it into the “Project Token” properties field within the cloud driver in your Control4 project.
4) Once you have your project connected with your driver will be automatically licensed, and auto update will be active.
Change Log
Version 1000 - Release
Cinegration strives to provide fully working drivers without defects. However, changes and bugs may be found. Because of this, any bug/maintenance update to this driver will be free of charge. However, due to the ever-changing nature of computer and audio/video systems, if a new version of the Control4® software creates issues with this driver, or feature enhancements, an upgrade version will be provided.

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  • 1000
    • Initial Release