Gefen HDMI IP/Serial

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Domosapiens Inc.
Version: 1110
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This driver allows you to control a supported GEFEN HDMI matrix switch (up to 8x8) from Control4.

HDFST: support is provided for the GEF-HDFST-848-4ELR, GEF-HDFST-848-8ELR and GTB-HDFST-848.

HD4K2K: support is provided for the GTB-HD4K2K-442, GTB-HD4K2K-444, GTB-HD4K2K-642 and GTB-HD4K2K-848.

IMPORTANT: ensure your matrix switch is at the most recent firmware level.

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  • Use the free trial period or activate the driver at any time by assigning to this project the license you purchased from the driverCentral website (requires the driverCentral cloud driver).
  • Ensure the GEFEN switch firmware is at the most recent level. 
  • Select the right GEFEN Matrix Model property. THIS IS IMPORTANT, as models have slightly different commands and responses. 
  • When using IP control, set the GEFEN switch to a static IP address or ensure it always receives the same IP address from the DHCP server via a MAC-based reservation.Enter the IP address in the Connections area. 
  • When using Serial control (by itself or as a backup to IP control), make the appropriate Serial connection. If both are connected and IP fails, the driver will use serial and revert back to IP when restored. 
  • Connect the HDMI inputs and outputs as well as room controls as appropriate. If your actual matrix switch supports less than 8 inputs or outputs, connect only the appropriate bindings, starting at 1 (or A).

11.0.0 - Infrastructure update (May 3, 2019)

11.1.0 - Licensing update (March 4, 2021)