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Version: 320
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The Domaudeo Low Voltage/LED Control DMX Driver provides an affordable solution for low-voltage LED or RGB/RGBW integration with Control4 using the Engineering Solutions DMX RS232 engine easily available on many webstores.

The RS-232 DMX Engine "Red Box" is required for this driver to work. It is available as "Double" or "Quad" version and both are compatible. You can order the DMX Engine from Engineering Solutions:

Or Snapklik in the US:

or Amazon in Canada:

or Aldous Systems in the UK:

(or look for "RS-232 DMX Engine" on Google)

Recommended DMX Decoder:

For hassle free compatibilty, no flicker, great power handling, reliabily and low cost, please use this DMX Decoder:

12-ch Decoder(or search for 12ch DMX decoder that look the same on your local Amazon Store, eBay or AliExpress.

Other DMX Decoder should also work, but some are more susceptible to flickering than other. The recommended model is tested and always provide good performance.

IMPORTANT NOTE for CORE5 Controller user! Many dealers has reported that the RS-232 DMX Engine does NOT work when connected to the Core5's built-in DB9 Serial ports. You NEED to use the 3.5mm serial ports and the Control4 3.5mm to DB9 cable. All other controllers work perfectly fine with either port.

VERSION 3.0.6 takes full advantage of Control4 OS 3.3.x new color control feature!

Features added to 3.0.6 update: Exposed Color-Changing Effect Settings: Give control to the customer to create his own color-changing or flashy light show using dozen of possible options. This feature is made possible by using Control4's Lighting Extras and is available on any Effect Switch drivers in a project. Some settings from the Universal Dimmer driver are also exposed to the customer for deeper customization.

Features full integration for the new OS 3.3.x Color control options (Colour and CCT Wheels). It is also compatible with older Control4 OS but without a color wheel.

The DMX Universal Dimmer - The driver that does it all.

The DMX Universal Dimmer replaces the previous DMX Dimmer, Switch, RGB Dimmer, Group Dimmers, ColorChanger, and Tunable White, now all those features are available from the same driver with much easier configuration options and learning curve.


  • Backward compatible: You won't have to upgrade the whole project to take advantage of the new feature, older DMX drivers will continue to work
  • DMX Universal Dimmer Driver: Single driver that does it all using the same user-friendly interface for tons of features
  • Full Advanced Lightning Agent support with color and CCT
  • Perfectly smooth scene activation with no popcorn effect
  • Smooth fades and color transition
  • Built-in effects (fully customizable): Color Loop, Chase Effect, Random Loop, Disco, Knight Rider, and more!
  • No CPU overhead
  • Support parallel tasking
  • Ultra-fast response time
  • Exclusive Effect Switch for easy color effect management
  • Exclusive ColorChanger keypad bindings to easily scroll through color preset using keypad buttons
  • Sound-to-Light using a special DMX Sequencer driver
  • Complete support for CCT "Tunable White" light with CCT Color control and Circadian Lighting built-in
  • Support any low voltage lights, even non-dimmable LEDs


Documentation (Quick_Start_Guide.pdf, 491 Kb) [Download]