The Scoop on Lighting and Comfort Drivers 

by AJ Brunson

Lighting and Comfort are two of Control4's most programmable, but underused features. While most smart home owners have their lights and thermostats integrated into their control system, the capabilities of these systems are often not fully taken advantage of. With DriverCentral's lighting and comfort drivers, your clients' systems have more features and more customizable options, greatly enhancing the customer's experience and level of control over their system. 

Continue reading to learn how lighting and comfort drivers can benefit your projects!


If your projects include lighting integration, DriverCentral should be your first stop to determine which drivers make the most sense for any given project. Our drivers provide several unique tools that can make any lighting system shine. Whether your project requires drivers for specific hardware in the home or could make use of custom drivers, we have options for all types of projects!

Drivers such as BelkinClipsal C-BusLutron Radio Ra ClassicTP-LinkVantage Infusion,Vantage Q-LinkWe-Mo Switch, and Yeelight are custom-made to integrate manufacturer products. 

The Advanced Lighting TimerEasy OccupancyGeneric LightingModes Agent, and Relay to Light drivers make any lighting system better. These drivers increase the dealer's customization options, providing more tools for the dealer to customize the lighting system for a specific customer. 


Setting and maintaining a comfortable temperature in a customer's home is of upmost importance. And as we all know, everyone's definition of comfort is different, making customized control over the thermostat and other heating/cooling features a major benefit to smart home owners. With comfort drivers, dealers can offer customers a wider range of control over the home's thermostats, fans, HVAC system, fireplaces, and more! 

DriverCentral offers manufacturer-specific drivers, like Advantage Air MyAirAprilaire 8800/8700Big Ass Fans/Big Ass Lights HaikuDaikin SkiFiDaikin WiFi SplitEscea FireplaceHoneywell, IntesisBox, Sensibo AirconSinope ThermostatsTekmar HVAC, and TempTracker

For any fan or thermostat, check out the Generic Fan Speed or Generic Thermostat drivers. 


DriverCentral seeks to provide software that enhances your customer's smart home experience and allows you as a dealer to offer more features and better control. Browse lighting and comfort drivers available today!