Happy Holidays from DriverCentral! 2018 Year in Review

by AJ Brunson

DriverCentral has had a very exciting year! Our site is now in its second year, and we have done a lot throughout 2018 to improve the site, grow our product offering and customer base, and enhance features. This year, we have answered 4,704 help desk tickets and 1,798 chats!

Continue reading to check out the highlights from 2018 with site updates, new dealers and drivers, and more control platforms! 

Over the course of the year, we have made several improvements and updates to DriverCentral including updating the Cloud Driver and improving the user interface, payment processor, and auto update. We have also added a Driver Request Form, allowing dealers to submit a request for a driver for any platform. Dealers have the option to send their request to a particular developer or the request can be sent to all developers! Throughout the year, your requests have helped our developers decide on what drivers should be released, making you, the dealer, an integral part of driver creation. 

We have also been hard at work creating a knowledge base for frequently asked questions and common issues. The knowledge base serves as a quick reference for questions regarding the Cloud Driver, managing projects, ordering, account problems, and more. You can find the knowledge base here

Additionally, our help desk team has generated a wiki to allow developers and the support team to log common help desk questions, driver limitations, and various solutions. The wiki serves as a tool to streamline support and allow our help desk team to answer your questions quickly and more efficiently. 

Our developers have been hard at work creating 60 new drivers in 2018, bringing the site to a total of 150 products! DriverCentral also signed on FIVE new developers - Argus Technologies, ezi Contols, Homeation, Kiwifarm, and T4control. Keep an eye on their pages for new drivers being added!

DriverCentral could not exist without our incredible customers. Speaking of customers, 2,715 new dealers registered on DriverCentral in 2018! This brings our total number of dealers to 4,981.


DriverCentral has added three control platforms to the site this year: ELAN, RTI, and URC. Supporting more platforms means the site is capable of meeting a wider range of needs for a greater variety of projects. Many of our developers work on drivers for more than one control platform, which can all now be sold in one central location! 

DriverCentral truly had an amazing year and we hope you did as well. As we close out 2018 and begin a new year, we look forward to more growth, ongoing site updates and enhancements, and publishing exciting new drivers in 2019! Browse the site to take a look at the result of 2018's hard work.