Saturn South

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Version: 20170710
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Saturn South specialises in circuit-level switching and metering products for the remote management and monitoring of electrical loads and generators.

The Saturn Energy series of products constitute a complete hardware platform for the next generation of Energy Services; including consumer insight into energy consumption, energy efficiency services, and distributed Demand Management programs.

These retrofitable ZigBee devices are designed to be installed into switch boards next to each circuit breaker on the din rail.

Energy management should be autonomous with little to no interaction from a consumer and by integrating energy monitoring to Control4 the system gets the ability to determine how much a certain circuit is using or generating.

Chowmain has integrated the Saturn South SS9000, SS9005 & SS9007 meters into Control4 to enable instantaneous energy monitoring, management and control.  Chowmain has also developed a virtual ESBox to simulate ESBox funcitonality to upload data to any ESCo cloud based energy monitoring server.

If you connect the devices to the incoming mains Control4 will get insight into how much the whole home is using/generation.  If the home is generating and exporting power to the grid it is more beneficial to utilise that energy for services around the home or perhaps store that energy by converting it to heating for your hot water cylinder.  It can also add safety to your home by monitoring for high or low voltage peaks/dips or warn the home owner if say an oven or other heavy duty appliance has been left on for extended periods of time.

SS9000/SS9007 Features 

  • Live Energy Feedback for:
    • Voltage Level
    • Frequency
    • Current & Power usage
    • Power Factor
    • Cumulative Energy Import
    • Cumulative Energy Export
  • Definable Minimum Watt Event
  • Definable Maximum Watt Event
  • On/Off/Toggle for versions with Relay built in
  • Safe State Mode (What happens when communication lost to Control)
    • Relay On
    • Relay Off
    • Relay On (Report)
    • Relay Off (Report)
  • Online Zigbee Firmware Update (via Saturn South Token)
  • Link Quality Indicator Feedback

SS9005 Features 

  • Live Energy Feedback for:
    • Voltage Level (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
    • Frequency (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
    • Current & Power usage (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
    • Power Factor (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
    • Cumulative Energy Import (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
    • Cumulative Energy Export (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
    • Phase Angle A-B
    • Phase Angle B-C
  • Definable Minimum Watt Event (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
  • Definable Maximum Watt Event (Phase A, B, C & Total D)
  • On/Off/Toggle for versions with Relay built in
  • Safe State Mode (What happens when communication lost to Control)
    • Relay On
    • Relay Off
    • Relay On (Report)
    • Relay Off (Report)
  • Online Zigbee Firmware Update (via Saturn South Token)

Virtual ESBox Features 

  • Upload multiple SS9000,SS9005,SS9007, eGauge EG3XXX energy information to an ESco
    • Uploads instant data every 5 seconds
    • Sends a device snapshot every 5 minutes
  • Used to log live and historical data in an ESCo cloud based server.  The server will be able to show you live and historical data and depending on the ESCo it may be able to show you how much your energy has cost you.


Where can i purchase the hardware from?

Please contact Energis ltd if you want to purchase any Saturn South hardware compatible with Control4.

How do i install the hardware?
Please refer to the Saturn South Installation Guide for more installation process.

How do i view the historical data?
This driver can be used with the Virtual ESBox driver to upload data to an ESCo service like for recording and viewing of historical data.

What benefit do i get from using an ESCo?
By using an ESCo you can easily view live usage data and historical data via any web browser in the world. You do not have to be connected to your local network to view this data. This data is quite useful for optimising your energy usage patterns.

Why can't i just get an ESBox by itself rather than use Control4?
By integrating Saturn South meters into Control4 you can automate your home around energy consumption and generation. This can be turning on heavy duty appliances when high generation is detected or by load shedding when high generation is detected.

Can i pair a saturn meter to an ESBox and Control4 at the same time?
Zigbee will not allow you to join a device upto multiple meshes. As such we have created this driver to eliminate the ESBox and send the data direct to the ESCo server.

Why do you only support OS 2.6 and above?

OS 2.6 offers a superior security encryption algorithm and a new and improved driver format. We have decided to only utilise this new format to ensure that the integrity of this driver is not compromised and that we can provide the best dealer/user experience available.

Do you offer showroom discounts?
We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.  Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go.  No registration required.

Version #20161216 - 16-Dec-2016
Changes made by John Russell

Version #20160920 - 20-Sep-2016
Changed name of driver in search (filename still remains the same for compatibility)
Minor Bug Fixes

Version #20160919 - 19-Sep-2016
Speed Improvements
Support for 9007.3 devices.

Version #20160727 - 27-JUL-2015
Updated System Statistics.
Made improvements to Composer Properties GUI when OTA Updating

Version #20160718 - 18-JUL-2015
Fixed connectivity issues to Houselogix

Version #20160706 - 06-JUL-2015
Migrated from Energis to Chowmain
Added Identify Image

Version #20150810 - 10-AUG-2015
Fixed Syntax Error

Version #20150803 - 03-AUG-2015
Finalised OTA update build

Version #20150724 - 24-JUL-2015
Implemented Update Token functionality. Now downloads Zigbee firmware.
Still need to implement OTA updates.

Version #20150720 - 20-JUL-2015
Added reboot device action
Fixed issue with 0 being initialled as nil value

Version #20150716 - 15-JUL-2015
Added device stats actions

Version #20150715 - 15-JUL-2015
Added checking to ensure that the device is online first before sending packets.

Version #20150708 - 08-JUL-2015
Added LQI variable and properties fields. This is polled once every minute.

Version #20150609 - 09-JUN-2015
Added 10 second timer to get cumulative readings. Should help with Vector metrics.

Version #20150519 - 19-MAY-2015
Added error checking for received cumulative values < current cumulative value

Version #20150313 - 13-MAR-2015
Added 'Find Meter' command

Version #20150313 - 13-MAR-2015
Added timer to get device properties every 5 minutes.

Version #20150130 - 30-JAN-2015
Removed fake feedback on proxy command. Now that the meter sends back the status immediately upon relay change it is no longer necessary (it used to have to wait until a scheduled report was sent for feedback to come in which was too long).
Added variable for safe state triggered. This updates when the safe state is triggered with time/date and mode.
Added Max Rated Current property. This is read OnZigbeeOnline.

Version #20150129 - 29-JAN-2015
Update to handle new firmware feature where device is shipped or updated with OTA the safe state mode is set to Disabled. If the driver has a different safe state in the properties it will update the device to the safe state that has been selected.

Version #20150127 - 27-JAN-2015
Added Safe State Modes (driver will poll when zigbee online for current state). Upon setting the value in the properties tab it will poll again for confirmation and update the property in the tab upon confirmation
Added Safe State Triggered property. This will update from NO SAFE STATE ACTIVE to the time/date - ON or time/date - OFF if the mode is set to On/Off + Report.

Version #20150123 - 23-JAN-2015
Temp Error Checking Removed
Added Zero Accumulation Arm & Fire action buttons. This is used to reset the cumulative values of the meter to 0. Fire needs to be pressed within 2 seconds of the arm button press for it to action.

Version #20141202 - 02-DEC-2014
Temp Error Checking Added

Version #20141201 - 01-DEC-2014
Bug fixes

Version #20141124 - 24-NOV-2014
Modified from Int16 to Int24

Version #20141112- 12-NOV-2014
Fix for online notification after device goes from offline to online

Version #20141028 - 28-OCT-2014
Added code to assume device is offline is no data is reported within 5 minutes

Version #20141020 - 20-OCT-2014
Converted c4i driver filetype for c4z filetype

Version #20141015 - 15-OCT-2014
Added Attached Load property for use with MyEnergy.
Exposed EUID in variable for Zigbee Health Reporting via MyEnergy

Version #20140624 - 24-JUN-2014
Fixed on and off proxy notifications for relay state when physical button pushed

Version #20140528 - 28-MAY-2014
Added Manufacturer Name, Identifier and Date Code Zigbee Cluster Information

Version #20140526 - 26-MAY-2014
Added minimum and maximum reached events. A Value of 0 will be ignored so set at -1 or 1 as a minimum value.

Version #20140522 - 22-MAY-2014
Enerigs modifications begin
Added correct identify text
Added relay bindings - modified code to handle relay binding control and feedback
Modified code to handle keypad bindings on non-dimmable light commands
Added Non-Dimmable Light (Outlet) binding - modified code to handle Non-Dimmable Light control
Added commands in for programming tab to switch on, off and toggle device

Version #?? - 30-APR-2009
Initial Release Version (By Saturn South)