Kiwi Button

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Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 1000
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This driver allows getting a button to use it in any section of the Control4 user interface for controlling a relay and getting feedback from a contact sensor.


  • Action

Property to decide the action to fire each pressure of the button on the interface

    Send a TOGGLE message on the connection to the relay
  • ON-OFF
    Swap between ON and OFF, the state could be swapped between On and Off in function of the last state fired or reading the state by the Contact Sensor
    To send ON for a period, and fire OFF to the expire of the period
  • Pulse Lenght

    The length of the period for the pulse action
    • 500
    • 1000
    • 1500
  • Inverted Relay

To invert the state of the relay. Set this property to on to have ON = CLOSE, OFF = OPEN, set it to off to invert the behavior

  • Feedback

    The state (color) of the button on the interface could depend by contact sensor or could depend by the state of the relay. Set it on if you want to read the state from the sensor, off if you are interested in the relay state.
  • Driver Information

Give the information about the clickability of the Button

  • Select Color Off

Set the color of the OFF state of the button

  • Select Color On

Set the color of the ON state of the button

  • Clickable

Set it on Yes if you want to enable the button, otherwise choose the No option.


We distribute our Drivers through the Driver Central and Houselogix market places.
The property of the driver purchased change and have to be setted in different way depending on the marketplace choose to purchase the driver.
Here is the documentation to properly activate the licensing of you driver.

  • If you purchase it from Houselogix:

    • Type your license code in the “Licence Code” property and “Set” it, the driver will automatically start the licensing routine,
    • Look at the “License Status” property to check the activation status.
  • If you purchase the driver from DriverCentral:

    • just double check to have the DriverCentral’s CloudDriver installed,
    • look at the “Cloud Status” property to check the state.

Driver Download (, 1,042 Kb) [Download]