KMtronic 8 Relay Board

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Version: 120
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This driver allows you to control the 8 relay device from KMTronic in the Control4 System. With bindings for the 8 relays, simply connect to the Generic Relay driver you want to use and from the Control4 UI you will be able to open and close each zone.

Driver Features:

  • 8 relay bindings for individual control
  • Easy to use, simply connect via RS232 or IP
  • Relay state variables for enhanced programming capabilities


This driver allow you to control the 8 relay device from KMTronic

All the relay control is done by executing commands.
Use the Programming tab on Composer to execute the commands.


- Normal state of the relays: set the state CLOSED or OPENED for the relay when it has no power on it.
- Debug Mode: set to print and send the information to the developer in order to troubleshoot

- Add a Single Relay driver to your project and connect it to one of 8 relays avaliable.


- RELAY1_STATE to RELAY8_STATE: current relay state (CLOSED or OPENED)



Driver Download (relay_board_kmtronic_ip_rs232.c4z, 44 Kb) [Download]