Eaton Intelligent Circuit Breaker

MSRP: $1499.00
Cinegration LLC
Version: 1000
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Welcome to the future of Energy Management Circuit Breakers or EMCB's provide by Eaton.  Cinegration is proud to have developed the worlds first Control4 managed smart breaker.  These breakers provide cloud-based connectivity for efficient load-monitoring and remote communication and smart energy management across the home’s many connected devices.


Update:  This driver is only available for customers with sonnen ecoLinx units installed with Cinegration sonnen driver.

For information on how to obtain breaker hardware please email:



  • 15, 30, and 40 Amp single or two phase breakers
  • Wifi communication with Cloud connectivity
  • Secure communication using Official Eaton API
  • Turn on and off breaker from any Control4 MyHome interface
  • Connect driver into sonnen ecoLinx driver for Smart Configurable Backup and other intelligent energy management solutions
  • Collect energy consumption and production data into Control

 Control4 Programming Features:

  • Events
    • Driver State Changes (On, Off, Alert, Offline)
  • Composer Variables
    • BREAKER_STATE (Bool), ICON_STATE (string), ALERT_MESSAGE (string)
  • Conditionals
    • Breaker State (On/Off)
  • Actions
    • Turn On/Off Breaker, Toggle Breaker, Get Status of Breaker

Use Cases:

  Smart Configurable Backup (using sonnen ecoLinx)
Users with the ecoLinx, Eaton EMCB and a Control4 automation system can benefit from the smart configurable backup functionality that provides optimal control over their home automation system. Using smart power devices like EMCB breakers allows dealers to configure the home for optimal battery strategies for each homeowner. This allows the ecoLinx to not only focus on managing excess energy production over what is consumed but further tailor the consumption based on need and priority defined by the homeowner. In the event of a power outage, the ecoLinx will provide backup power to the energized circuits. The decision as to which circuits get energized is based on the SoC of the ecoLinx and can be a part of predefined profiles set by the user’s home automation dealer. An example scenario is presented below

  Load Shedding

   Turn off areas of the home like Pool pumps, hot tubs or large AC devices when utiltiy rates change.  Automatically have them come back on when the Time of Use rate is at it's lowest.


Breaker On Breaker Off Breaker Alert Breaker Offline


Hardware Requirements:

  The eaton breakers require one additional 'slot' in breaker panel for remote trigger.  Example: single pole 15 amp breaker requires 2 slots in panel, 2 pole breakers would require 3 solts.  Eaton breaker panel is also required.

Interested in purchasing Breakers?  Please email: with job requirements and electrical specs.  We can work with you to obtain the breakers.  Cinegration will custom program each breaker for exact specifications for job.

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Installation of Intelligent Circuit Breakers requires extensive knowledge of home's electrical requirements and use.  Electrician is required for installation.  

(9.17.2018): Currently breakers are only available for special projects.  If you are interested, please email:


Step One: Purchase Breakers and Setup Configuration

Step Two: Electrician will install breakers and verify standard breaker functionality

Step Three: Dealer will install driver and enter access token (Agent Id) into driver

Step Four: Dealer will customize energy profiles and turn on/off breaker when energy events happen

  • 9/2018
    • Version 1000 - Initial Release