Shelly EM Control4 driver - LAN controlled Energy Meter

MSRP: $79.00
Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 1000
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The Shelly EM device is a WiFi-operated Energy Meter and Contactor Control. It monitors the consumption of any home appliances, electric circuit, and office equipment (lights, power lines, security systems, heating, and cooling, etc.) individually.

This driver allows the control of Shelly EM over LAN (Local Area Network) and to populate two Control4 variables by reading the power sensors.

It allows latency-free control and requires no MQTT server or other cloud connections.


  • Free fully working license for dealers (showroom Drivercentral project);
  • Several measures available in Control4 by variables easy to use in programming: Power Factor, Power, Total Power, Total Returned power, and Voltage;
  • Controlling the relay as connections;
  • Supporting multiple Shelly EM devices if connected to the same Control4 controller;
  • Relay Status variable for programming function;
  • Relay output converted in light with Relay to Light driver from Chowmain LTD.

Driver Download (shelly_em.c4z, 1,771 Kb) [Download]

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