Shelly2.5 Blind mode Control4 driver - LAN controlled wifi blind

MSRP: $59.00
Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 2000
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Shelly 2.5 is a device able to control blinds. Are you looking for Shelly 2.5 relay driver? Click here!

This driver allows the control of Shelly 2.5 in roller shutter (blind) mode over LAN (Local Area Network).

It allows latency-free control and requires no MQTT server or other cloud connections.



  • Free fully working license for dealers (showroom DriverCentral project)
  • Blind integration as connections.
  • Open/Close/Stop and Positioning mode support.

Driver Download (shelly_25_blind.c4z, 1,467 Kb) [Download]

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Ver. 2000 - Fix: misbehavior with open/stop/close interface with positioning mode active

Ver. 1000 - First release