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This version has been replaced by: DoorBird V2







  • Doorstation Integration including intercom support on Control4 touchscreens

  • 2-Way audio with Control4 touchscreens and the DoorBird

  • Camera Popup on Touchscreens!

  • Doorbell Annoucement through home speakers

  • Open Smart Doorlock from Doorbird app

  • Fully integrated camera into Control4 on any Control4 interface (using Camera Proxy)

  • PoE or Wi-Fi integration

  • Doorbell and Motion detection from within the driver, no extra wires needed!

  • Turn on the Light at the doorstation

  • Simple setup/integration

  • BirdGuard Integration (Including SIP)

Want DoorBird but have the Control4 DoorStation already?  

Our friends at Dimension Smart Homes have come up with a beautiful adapter plate to get a Doorbird to fit in a Control4 DoorStation box.  Here's their website:


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Driver: DoorBird DoorStation and Camera Driver
Compatible Control4 Systems:  2.9.0+
Compatible Products: DoorBird D101, D201, D202, D203, D204, BirdGuard
Control Platform: IP (Requires DHCP Reservation for Director, DoorBird and Touchscreens)
Developed by: Cinegration LLC.
Change Log:

DoorBird Hardware Changelog:
Driver Changelog:

Driver Features:

    Simple Doorstation integration for any Control4 system.

    Fully integrated camera into Control4 on any Control4 interface (using Camera Proxy)

    PoE or Wi-Fi integration

    Trigger Control4 Relay or Lock via DoorBird app

    Doorbell and Motion detection from within the driver, no extra wires needed!

    Turn on the Light at the Doorstation

    Trigger lock strike connected to the Doorstation or use a smart lock integrated into your Control4 system

    Simple setup/integration

    BirdGuard Support (Including SIP)


Initial Setup/Installation of Driver


DoorBird App Setup

  • Log into Doorbird App and select Administration section
  • Use Administrator Username/Password to login (example: ggyywx0000)
  • Press Add. This will add user 0002 (example: ggyywx0002)
  • Change Comment to SIP (remember to hit return after typing. Simply typing SIP then save WILL NOT save)
  • Press Save



Setup Control4 Driver:

  • Load Driver into Project
  • Enter IP address of DoorBird or use hostname
    • Hostname setup
      • Under Connections, Network, double-click on the DoorBird driver
      • Enter bha-WIFIMAC Address of the doorbird (example: bha-1CCAE3701234)
    • Enter Username and password of the DoorBird using the same username that was used to setup SIP on DoorBird app (typically user 0002. Example: ggyywx0002)
    • If Communication Agent is not in project, add this now (note: this is only required if touchscreens are installed)
    • Use dropdown (Driver Actions) and Choose (01) Driver Setup.
      • This will setup all notifications, setup SIP, Choose a valid communication port and setup custom buttons on the control4 touchscreens automatically
    • Under Programming, choose ‘when Doorbell button is pressed’
      • Add required programming actions when doorbell is pressed (example: play ding-dong sound in living room)
    • Wait 1-2 minutes for DoorBird to process all commands
    • Test


Note: If Error 75% failed is reached on Driver Setup…

                This error comes when the driver attempts to trigger a dooropen command on the DoorBird and does not receive a response back from the DoorBird in a specified time.  If this happens, make sure you are on the latest firmware of DoorBird, wait a few minutes, reboot your DoorBird and retest.


Explanation of Setup Driver Action:

  • 10% Starts Driver Setup Program
  • Setup of Notifications
    • Communication port setup
      • Checks ports 8991-8999 for in-use and sets driver value accordingly
    • Enable Doorbell Notification
    • Enable DoorOpen Notification
    • Disable Motion Notification
  • Run Sip Setup
    • Enable SIP on DoorBird
    • Enable Auto-Call when doorbell is pressed (DoorBird hardware handles make call)
    • Setup ability for touchscreens to ‘call’ DoorBird without pressing doorbell button
      • Scan project for # of touchscreens.
      • If 0 Touchscreens found or no communication agent found
        • Disable SIP on DoorBird
      • If 1-2 Touchscreens found
        • Set video feed for SIP call to come directly from the camera (Alternate Camera)
      • If 3+ Touchscreens found
        • Set video feed for SIP call to come from SIP call.
        • Note: Infinity Touchscreens do not support H.264. In this configuration, these touchscreens will be able to answer only.  If this is a requirement, see White Paper 001 for proper setup.
        • Set Intercom group to All touchscreens or to the selected Intercom group
        • Set Intercom page custom button 1 and 2 to: Door and Activate Light respectively
      • Test of Notifications (50%)
        • If notifications are not received from DoorBird, fail (75%)
      • 100% All Setups complete



            Cinegration has provided many tools and options to the driver.  Below are some of the main features used:


Changing Intercom Buttons (Default: Door and Activate Light)

            These adjust what the ‘buttons’ do on a Control4 touchscreen when a call to the Doorstation is made.

Intercom Button 1 Setup:

Standard Action (Trigger DoorStike): Sends a command to the DoorBird unit to trigger the door relay on the unit.  The dealer would then wire a low-voltage doorstrike to the DoorBird.  For wiring examples:

Custom Action (Event): Allows dealer to use Control4 programming to trigger the door.  This could be a Yale Doorlock or garage door for example.

Intercom Button 2 Setup:

Standard Action (Enable IR on Camera) sends the light on command to the DoorBird. This will activate the night-vision leds on the DoorBird for 3 minutes. This time is fixed and set from the DoorBird API

Custom Action (Event) allows dealer to use Control4 programming instead.  Example would be to turn on the front door lights instead of using the night-vision led’s on the camera.  Another example would be to use this custom button to open another door or home automation operation.


Choose which touch panels receive the notification call

            Allows a dealer to choose which touchscreen gets the doorbell call

Standard Action: By default, all touchscreens will receive the doorbell call.

Custom Action: Create a custom call group under the communication agent, go to the Call Group property on the driver, click Retrieve Intercom Groups and then choose which choose the group you created.

Trigger Doorlock from DoorBird app

            Allows a customer to use the DoorBird app to trigger their smart Control4 enabled Doorlock without ever launching the Control4 app.  This will work with or without 4Sight

Standard Action: This action does nothing.

Custom Action: Go to Programming, Events, DoorOpen and create the programming required to trigger door.  Care should be used as this command does not require a password to execute so DON’T disarm an alarm system!

Customize the Doorbell sound in the home

            Allows a dealer to setup a custom doorbell sound in home.

Standard (Default) Action: Nothing.  Dealer MUST program what ‘happens’ when the doorbell button is pressed

Custom Action: Go to programming, Events, Doorbell_Button and create the programming required to play the sound in the rooms.  Standard setup would be to use the Announcement agent.  For procedure to properly setup an announcement please see Control4 Tech 1 class material or contact Control4

            (Sonos Setup) ->

            (Doorbell Wav Files) ->


Change SNAPSHOT image from ‘last doorbell button push image’ to live snapshot image

            Under Properties, Driver Actions Choose

                                Enable History SNAPSHOT Mode (default) for last doorbell button push SNAPSHOT mode

                                Enable CameraImage SNAPSHOT Mode for live image



  • 1003 (8/1/2017)
    • Migration to driverCentral
    • Recommend using user 0002 from now on with Control4.  This will allow user to change password of their login without requiring to update driver
  • 1000
    • Fixed issue caused by 106 firmware
  • 8.2.1 (2.2017)
    • Changed driver setup time check for notifications from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.  This should allow for slower networks and stop false negative errors during setup. (75% Network Error)
    • Moved BirdGuard Information to be displayed under BirdGuard property
    • Removed Property: Last DoorBird Response Code
    • Removed RTSP stream from camera proxy so MyHome App locally would work.  Camera feed is now only MJPEG
    • Updated AEC property
    • Updated Documentation
    • Corrected issue where touchscreen call list was not being properly populated (incoming_call_list)
    • Fixed issue with custom intercom button not triggering custom event
  • 8.2.0 (12.22.2016)
    • New Feature: Auto Setup of Driver for faster installation of driver
    • Added support multiple touchscreens (up to 70) to be integrated into driver. (must be T3)
    • Moved check for intercom groups to intercom group list for easier installation
    • Performance optimization across entire driver
    • Fixed issue where space characters were not allowed in intercom group.  Now Front Door is a valid intercom group name
    • New setup for multiple 3+ touchscreens supported (see documentation)
    • New Feature: SNAPSHOT image can now be a live image instead of last doorbell button push
    • Simplified installation documentation
    • Added in support for Cinegration Showroom License
  • 8.1.7 (10.18.2016)
    • Added Snapshot URL for multiple touchscreen applications
    • Added support for H.264 stream (requires DoorBird Firmware 100).
      • Note: H.264 RTSP port is 554.
    • Added support to bind relay to 'lockstrike' of DoorBird in Control4 with control
    • Fixed issue where the same intercom group was being 'shown' in the call list
    • Moved documentation to www directory per Control4
    • Added Cinegration 'Driver Actions' property to driver.  This allows dealers to stay on the main properties page to execute actions.  The actions tab will be deprecated at a future date.
  • 8.1.6 (8.18.2016)
    • Updates notification settings for certain switches
    • Added in support for URL-HTTP authentication (requires firmware 99)
  • 8.1.5 (6.9.2016)
    • Fixed an issue when DoorBird is first setup and the MIC and SPK level are 0, to default this to MIC: 36, SPK: 50
    • Fixed issue where upon reboot, the call group property was not being populated.
    • Add Property (WiFi MAC Address) to driver
    • Fixed issue where multiple Property updates were happening. (Firmware status update)
    • Added reply back to DoorBird when a doorbell, dooropen or motion event is recevied by driver.  For future troubleshooting
    • Added BirdGuard support to Driver. Note: dealer must enable Motion detection on the DoorBird app in the Admin settings for this to work.
  • 8.1.4 (5/17/2016)
    • Added support to locate firmware/build in driver
    • Changed polling parameters to better communication between units
    • Fixed issue with Relay/Contact bindings not working (note: these are new bindings.  Bindings will need to be remade during update)
    • Adjusted Polling timer to default to 120 seconds
    • Changed Call Group retrieval to an ‘ACTION’ called Retrieve Intercom Groups.
    • Setup HOSTNAME support in driver.  (Doesn’t require DHCP Reservation). See Documentation for setup instructions.
    • Made Intercom custom button (Door Open, Turn Light On) easier and more flexible to setup.  See documentation for more.  This changes the old way on how to setup ‘DoorOpen’ commands.
    • Misc performance enhancements.
  • 8.1.1
    • Added License module to SIP
    • Updated Documentation
  • 8.1.0: (4/12/2016)
    • Updated existing mechanism for server commands (Doorbell, Motion and DoorOpen notification)
    • Added Device Online/Offline status events
    • Added new SIP integration
    • Bug Fixes
  •  8.0.1:
    • Fixed issue with Error-400 Report
    • Added Dooropen Notification (the ability to tigger an event in Control4 from Doorbird app)
    • Minor Fixes
  •  8.0.0:
    • Initial Release

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